January 31, 2003

News of when to expect DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE on TV screens in the UK and North America, but it's some time off yet. It should show in the UK on Sky (censored version) this year, and on ITV in early 2004, but North Americans will have to wait until fall 2004 for their uncut version. That news came from Clerkenwell Films producer, Murray Ferguson, yesterday.

Meanwhile, more worldwide TV:

Germany: THE INNOCENT SLEEP will be on Sat1 on 23 February at 0.00, but probably dubbed.

International: TRUTH OR DARE will air on BBC Prime on 3 February, with a repeat on 9 February. BBC Prime is the international BBC channel, available worldwide. Check the times locally.

Switzerland: TRUTH OR DARE also shows on SF2 on 17 February at 22.45.

UK: PREDATORS continues on UK Horizons with two more half hour episodes on each date: 4 and 11 February. There is also CIRCUS on Sky Movies Max 2 on 6 February at 1.05am, THE MUMMY RETURNS on Sky Movies Premier Widescreen on 2 February at 8.00pm, and FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL on Film Four on 3 February at 8.00pm.

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January 22, 2003

The MDS episode 'Wing and a Prayer' has been nominated for an award by the American Society of Cinematographers. The awards are presented in LA on Sunday, February 16.

Here's where you can see John Hannah on TV:

Australia: REBUS is running Fridays, from 24 January, at 8.30pm on ABC.

Canada: REBUS continues on Sunday afternoons at 2.00pm on Showcase East.

Switzerland: TRUTH OR DARE will be on SF2 on 13 February at 22.45.

Netherlands: THE JAMES GANG shows on Holland 3 on 25 January at 23.05.

UK: The first two episodes of the wildlife series narrated by John Hannah, PREDATORS, will air on UK Horizons on 28 January at 9.00pm. THE MUMMY RETURNS will be on Sky Movies Premier 3 on 29 January at 8.45pm and CIRCUS is on Sky Movies Max on 1 February at 1.30am.

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January 15, 2003

MDS having ended, it's a slow time for any news other than TV, I'm sorry to say.

Belgium: THE HURRICANE shows on Belgien on 31 January at 20.45.

Germany: THE MUMMY RETURNS continues on Premiere pay TV at various times on various dates through February. Check listings for details. And THE LOVE BUG shows on the Disney Channel on 19 January at 18.30.

USA: THE INNOCENT SLEEP is on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) on January 19 at 3.00am.

UK: THE MUMMY RETURNS shows on Sky Movies Premier on 18 January at 10.05pm and on Sky Movies Premier 4 on 23 January at 8.00pm. CIRCUS will be on Sky Movies Max 3 on 20 January at 3.20am and on Sky Movies Max 4 on 23 January at 1.55am. And finally, another screening of the not too often shown THE INTRUDER is on the Sci Fi Channel on 18 January at 11.45pm.

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January 11, 2003

Canada: On Sunday, January 12 at 2.00pm on Showcase East, there's REBUS: THE HANGING GARDEN and on Sunday, January 19, same time and channel, it's REBUS: DEAD SOULS

Germany: THE MUMMY RETURNS is on Premiere pay TV at various times between 11 and 21 January. THE JAMES GANG will be on Holland3 on Saturday 25 January at 23.05.

UK: CIRCUS is on Sky Movies Max 2 on Tuesday 14 January at 3.10am.

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UK: The first three REBUS films: 'Black and Blue', 'The Hanging Garden' and 'Dead Souls' , are now available to buy ONLY from branches of WH Smith. The PAL VHS is 13 and the DVD (without any extras) is 17. There is no indication that they are available online or on other region DVDs as yet.

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