December 29, 2002

UK: more TV: 'The Innocent Sleep' is on BBC1 on 9 January at 11.35pm and 'Circus' will be on Sky Movies Max 5 on 5 January at 1.40am and on Sky Movies Max 4 on 10 January at 12.30am. John Hannah's Centerparcs commercial is back on air. And the first series of 'Two Thousand Acres of Sky' with Joanna Roth starts a rerun from Sunday 5 January at 9.00pm on UK Drama.

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December 24, 2002

There has been a syndicated interview with John Hannah in the press recently. A brief version appeared in the Canadian listings magazine Starweek, and a much more comprehensive version of the full interview in a UK newspaper. Although I do have the full text of this and was told it was from 15 October 2002, I have not yet been able to identify the publication. And finally, please forgive my inexpert presentation of JH News. Srah has had long-standing computer and internet problems at her school in France and asked if I would update JH News. I've never done this before and, although I have managed to convey the facts of the 'news', I haven't figured how to link film titles to pages on

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UK: 'Before You Go' has been available on DVD since 9 December. Check for details. Some people have managed to buy the first three 'Rebus' films on DVD, and also John Hannah's episodes from 'The Bill'. 'Rebus', apparently, was issued and then withdrawn but should be available again eventually when whatever legal matters have been ironed out. Details of how to buy 'The Bill' in the future.

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UK: 'The Mummy Returns' will have its premiere on non-pay TV on Christmas Day at 8.00pm on Sky Movies Premier. Then, there are repeat screenings on the same channel on 26 December at 12.25am, 29 December at 9.00pm and, on Sky Movies Premier 4, on 3 January at 8.00pm and 11.55pm. 'The Mummy' will have its premiere on terrestrial TV this evening, Christmas Eve, on BBC1 at 8.05pm. 'Circus' is on Sky Movies Max 3 on 31 December at 2.00am. Three of the documentary series narrated by John Hannah are being repeated. The first of the five-part series on genetics 'Bitter Inheritance' was shown on BBC2 on 19 December and the remaining four episodes are likely to be shown on Thursdays (around 9.50pm) from early January. Two episodes of the wildlife series 'Predators' will be shown on UK Horizons on 1 January at 8.00pm. And the one off film 'Yeti: Hunt for the Wildman' will be shown by the National Geographic channel tonight, 24 December, at 8.00pm.

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Germany: THE MUMMY RETURNS will be screened on pay TV channels Premiere analog, 1, 2, 3 and 5 on various dates between 25 December and 21 January; check listings for times. Also, THE LOVE BUG will be on the Disney Channel at 18.30 on 19 January.

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US: Production on "MDS" shut down on December 12, with the final episode 'Reversal of Fortune' being screened the previous evening. It would appear that there are a number of episodes already shot which will not now be screened.

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