May 27, 2003

"MCCALLUM" continues on Premiere Krimi with episode "Schatten des Zweifels" ("Dead man's fingers") on 13 June at 9:50pm.

"MDS" is repeating Sundays at 3pm.

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May 15, 2003

SUSPICION (THE INTRUDER) will be broadcast on M6 on 19 May at 10:45pm.

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May 09, 2003

FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL is showing on 9 May on Film Four at 10:20pm and on Film Four Plus 1 at 11:20pm, as well as 18 May at 10:10pm on Film Four and 11:10pm on Film Four Plus 1.

THE MUMMY RETURNS shows on Sky Movies Premier 2 on 10 May at 9pm and on Sky Movies Premier Widescreen on 16 May at 8pm and 17 May at 12:10am.

"FRASIER" episode "Farewell, Nervosa" shows on Channel 4 on 12 May at 10:40pm.

THE MUMMY RETURNS will be on ACT - Encore's Action Channel throughout the month of May.

THE MUMMY will be on the WB on 18 May at 7pm EST and on TBS 31 May at 7pm EST.

FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL will show on Oxygen on 24 May at 8pm EST and 25 May at 4:30pm EST.

"MCCALLUM" episode "Blutige Ernte" ("Harvest") will be on Premiere Krimi Pay TV 6 June at 9:55pm.

TÖDLICHES RISIKO (THE FINAL CUT) will be shown on RTL II 6 June at 10:20pm.

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